Re: Famera, Inc

Last year, a number of individuals took to Twitter to falsely accuse me of anonymously harassing them online.

In reaction to the brief uproar, an investigation was conducted for Famera. Famera management unjustly pushed me out of my role as CEO before the investigation was complete, silencing me under a non-disparagement agreement. My US visa was used as leverage for my compliance. Under mental distress, I signed away my rights days before I was able to secure legal counsel.

Ultimately, the investigation revealed no evidence linking me to the accusations. This came at the admission of the accusers.

Despite Famera having this knowledge in hand, I was actively excluded from rejoining my company.

Additionally, Famera did not communicate the result of the report with its team, leaving the situation around my resignation ambiguous. This led to Famera staff sharing false interpretations of the situation with third parties, which was a breach of Famera's agreement.

In March this year, I shared a thread of receipts exposing my false accusers. I received private retractions, but this didn’t repair the harm which was primarily public and reputational damage. I excluded the story behind my unjust departure from Famera because I was honoring the mutual confidentiality agreements, putting the company before myself.

Leveraging ambiguity as fuel, malicious individuals have attempted to attack me and my companies. These individuals have taken false accusations of harassment and mutated them into false accusations of sexual harassment, which couldn't be any further from the truth.

Efforts to engage with Famera to correct public misstatements emanating from inside the company were attempted, but ultimately proved unsuccessful. Therefore, this message serves to share my truth. I'm disappointed that Famera, a company I lovingly built, remains unwilling to set the record straight with me.

With this said, I am finally putting this behind me so I can focus on creating more great art and technology projects for people to enjoy. I thank my friends, family and colleagues for the love and support during my difficult time.