(Semi) FAQs

Q: Can I buy a Mr. Puppet?

A: I get a few emails a month about the Mr. Puppet project. The short answer is no, but I'm considering open sourcing the software and hardware.

There were a lot of bespoke and quirky features which enabled a specific type of production. I need to think about how to unwind the more generic features to make sense for other operators. I'd love for people to freely build on the foundation.

I'm still excited for the future of real time production, and would love to chat if you are too.

Q: What's up with Thinko?

A: My former partner distanced himself when I was internet mobbed. It was disappointing, but it was best for the partnership to end. I had a lot of fun with Thinko, and the DNA of its creations will live on in future projects. I'm working with a few members of the Thinko family on some new (stealth) projects.

Q: What's up with Famera?

A: I founded Famera in 2019 with Tyler Faux. It started as a little disposable camera app, and then we pivoted it into a psychedelic video chat "app", "company" and a "religion". I think one of the funniest things that happened was when Lindsay Lohan prayed to the company's president who was a cyclops god, and it broke the internet for a few days.

I stepped away in December 2020. It was fun while it lasted. Not sure what's going on with them today. I can't really share more than that.

Q: Will you take legal action against your false accusers?

A: I'm exploring some options, but I plan to keep the matter private for now.

Q: Are you VCBrags?

A: No, but I wrote a short story about Mitchell Wakefield, the creator of VCBrags.

Q: WTF is Crumpy?

A: Crumpy is my small company for Computer Arts, Research & Development projects. We're mostly focused on internal projects, but we take a rare external project now and then.

Q: How are you?

A: Doing alright, thanks for asking. I hope you are too. ❤️

Feel free to email me more questions: website@pasquale.cool