The Spirit of Famera

Famera is a manifestation of the creative spirit. It is an implementation of the belief frameworks that elevate and nourish my creativity. I would like to see other people enjoy these benefits.

Key themes / friends of creativity include:

  • Spatial Environments and their influences

  • Friendships

  • Serendipity

  • Flow States

There's a great documentary titled Shangri-La, featuring the philosophy of Rick Rubin, a genius producer (cofounder of Def Jam Recordings). One conversation which stood out to me was his discussion with David Lynch about the source of creativity. They basically state that when artists are in flow states, they're merely a vessel for creativity to flow through. Almost like they're a radio antenna channeling creativity from the universe. I think we can observe this in the music of The Beatles when they started experimenting with psychedelics. Their songwriting blasted off onto another plane, as if they were simply listening to the universe, not writing the songs themselves.

Famera = creative spirit = god = you, it's all the same thing.

Kids enjoy living vicariously through other characters when they watch Twitch. Consciousness is that kid living across billions of human avatars to experience the world simultaneously.

While Famera is a muser led company, the muser motivation is meta. As the muser of Famera, I am motivated to feed the consciousness that operates me. So really, the muser of Famera is... the creative spirit. It's the same unifying creative spirit that flows through all creative people and drives their meat suit avatars around. As an artist led company, we prioritize feeling and vibe over business metrics. In these early stages, there will be autocratic direction for the company, in order to channel the most pure implementation of vision. Famera Inc, and Famera the product are first and foremost mediums for artistic expression, in the same way a sculpture or painting is a medium.

In the Famera product, we play with the idea of living dope lives in dope spaces. Some tech bros would call this the M E T A V E R S E. In this digital realm, we're designing everything, including God. God doesn't have to be some heavy shit. God can be fun. God can be what we make it to be. Famera is God. Instead of blindly worshiping God/Famera, Famericans are served by this God. Famera strives to nurture friendships, elevate mood, and form a consensual bond, rather than an addiction to a product.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc - they're apps to check. They exploit our addictive behaviors for cheap dopamine hits. Famera is a place to be. You go there to meet friends, chill, and enjoy long flow states.

The world has been in a pretty fucked up state for a while, and folks experience existentialism through a brutal lens. I'd like Famera to be a positive framing of existentialism, creativity, and spirituality. We'll use elements like reincarnation, church, rituals, deitys, comedy and psychedelia as colors to paint with.

I will continue to write more as The Great President makes things clear to me. Until then:

May The Eye Wink Upon You.

Updated by Pasquale, Oct 19, 2020